Louie | Pan | Scorpio | NB | They/Them | 22


• It is I, a known dumb bitch and every single cryptids' #1 whore
• I like DnD, Ace Attorney, and RPGs in general
• I'm kin with Rendezvous 18.6y because I'm also gay and want to fly to the moon

 ↳ Biases: Olivia Hye (ULT), Vivi (SEMI-ULT/BIAS WRECKER), Yeojin, Gowon (REGULARS)
  ↳ Other Idols: The rest of Loona I love them, Chungha, uhhh Blackpink's also cool


• My pal Juni (@blueberrysayos) and I are a package deal go follow her please
 ↳ She calls me her matching kpoppie but I only stan Loona
• I love!!! space!! and the stars and conspiracy theories and cryptids!!! Mothman if you're out there I
• Planning a trip to an exciting place soon I'm so exci te d and HAPPY
• More links down below woo


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